Winter 2017

Prestigious Awards

Congratulations to Dr. Bill and Sharon Bieber, MAI’s Regional Coordinators for Southeast Asia and West Pacific, who were awarded the Meritorious Service Medal. This award was presented by the Governor General of Canada, Dr. David Johnston, on June 21, 2017, in Ottawa, the capital of Canada.

The Meritorious Service Medal is awarded “to recognize the extraordinary people who make Canada proud. Their acts are often innovative, set an example or model for others to follow or respond to a particular challenge faced by a community. It recognizes an activity performed in a highly professional manner, according to a very high standard, that improves the quality of life in a community and brings benefit or honor to Canada.”

The Biebers were honored for their work founding a street clinic for the homeless, poor, and addicts in Calgary in 1988. That clinic is still helping people today to overcome the vicious cycle of poverty and to regain stability as it provides health care, education, and housing support. The Biebers say, “It is very humbling to see how small seeds planted in love can take root and grow through the hard work of others.” They accepted the award on behalf of numerous people who have dedicated themselves to this work for most of 30 years. Their entire family were guests of the government and enjoyed touring and seeing the sights.

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