Winter 2017

Jesus Supply in Water Supply

Ravi Jayakaran, President/CEO, Medical Ambassadors International

Constanca Beira Akiiki started praying in 1998 for the community where she lives. It is called “Water Supply,” a name it was given because it is where the government built a water tank to supply water to the town. She had been praying diligently for the community of Water Supply because it was so adversely affected by prostitution, gangs, drugs, and all kinds of wrong activities.

a small, simple structure with a big dream

The Lord heard her prayers. In 2002 a training about Community Health Evangelism took place in a village nearby. The participants ended up coming to Water Supply to help the community identify and respond to its problems. People in the community started becoming transformed, and the group began meeting under a large avocado tree in the area. It was eventually cut down—the wood used to construct a small building to start a church. The church expanded and now a larger one is being built next to the first, brick by brick, one Sunday collection at a time.

The name of the church, given by the community became “Jesus Supply.” It was first a small, simple structure with a big dream, and now right next to it is a large church…the dream realized. The church is responding to the problems in Water Supply.

What a blessing to see what can be done with God's help. It started with Constanca—one person who was willing to pray. The result—many in the community transformed. She is my hero!

Dr. Ravi Jayakaran with prayer warrior, Constanca

The new Jesus Supply Church building in progress

Jesus Supply building site

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