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Meet our Regional Coordinators Bill & Sharon

In 1978, Bill and Sharon with their two toddlers, went to Papua New Guinea where Bill worked as a staff doctor with Wycliffe Bible Translators and Sharon as a part-time teacher. Following that year, Bill took a position with the Department of Health in Papua New Guinea (PNG), which involved clinical training and later administration of a province. Sharon was involved with students in Bible studies and Theological Education by Extension (TEE).

Previously Bill had graduated with a Doctorate of Medicine from the University of Alberta and began Family Practice in Calgary in 1971. Sharon has a Master’s Degree in Education. She taught for the Calgary Board of Education and later managed a business called Health Plus Preventive Care in Calgary.

In 1986 they returned to their home in Canada for their children to attend high school. They were part of the founding group of an innovative inter-disciplinary medical center called Health Plus. Bill and Sharon also initiated a successful “street clinic” ministry called Calgary Urban Project Society (CUPS), which continues still to thrive more than 25 years later.

We see the expansion of the CHE program into more than half the provinces of PNG now… We know this translates into hundreds of communities being impacted by the wholistic message of restored relationships between them and God, neighbors and environment. This is of much greater worth than anything else we can imagine.

While their children attended university, Bill and Sharon spent several months each year doing mission and relief projects, mainly with Samaritan’s Purse. After discovering Community Health Evangelism (CHE) in 2000, they initiated that approach in their mission projects and soon found themselves working with MAI.

Their extensive background in missions enabled them to be well equipped to work with MAI and Medical Ambassadors Canada (MACA). They currently oversee projects for MAI and also for MACA in several countries, as well as training and encouraging many other organizations wanting to implement CHE within the Southeast Asia region. They find the relationships they have built are rewarding and motivating. Crossing all denominational and cultural boundaries, seeing Christians of all descriptions work together to make Jesus known and to further the Kingdom is what they find to be a delightful privilege.

Bill and Sharon enjoy their two married children and five grandchildren and remain actively involved in their rural community near Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

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