Field Notes / Summer 2017

Field Notes

Free to Speak

Regional Coordinator Bibiana Mac Leod, South America & Caribbean

HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) infection is a serious problem around the world. Success in prevention is being achieved through vaccinations. South America and Caribbean Regional Coordinator Bibiana Mac Leod was asked to prepare and teach a lesson on HPV for a group of women in her region. At the end of the teaching, women began to share their fears of talking about a disease that is sexually transmitted and how shameful it would be to be infected. Bibiana reminded them about the freedom that Christ has granted, and that women no longer need to live in guilt, fear, or shame. Participants talked about forgiveness and the need to recognize that even if one has the virus, they can choose to forgive their partner, themselves, and then come to Jesus for cleansing and healing. One of the ladies shared her story of shame, healing, and liberation through cervical cancer that needed surgery. She encouraged the other ladies to speak openly about the challenges they face and not to delay consulting with a doctor.


God’s Story in a Map

Regional Coordinator Bibiana Mac Leod, South America & Caribbean

Bible stories are being told in Haiti with little to no understanding on how they fit within the flow of God’s plan for the world. Haitians needed someone knowledgeable in God’s Word and the Haitian culture to adapt these stories to their understanding. Pastor Steve and Leanne White, with their friend Paula Larson, came from Park City, Utah, and led a training in Haiti to an eager group of 50 rural pastors and Community Health Evangelism (CHE) trainers. The topic was an overview of the Old Testament. Participants ranged in education from those who could barely read to those at a university level. They all held in common the desire to serve their people in rural communities where CHE is thriving. Evaluations collected after the training revealed what it meant to them. One said: “I thought I knew the Old Testament. This training proved the opposite. There was so much I did not know!” Another said: “I came to understand God’s plan to provide Jesus at the right time in history.” And another: “I never knew where things were taking place. Now I have seen the maps and I have a new understanding.” During the training, time was spent explaining what a map is, how it interprets large geographical areas, and what a timeline is—all opening the understanding of hearts to God’s story in history.


Waging War with Spirits

Regional Coordinators Tirus & Winnie Githaka, East Africa

In Western Kenya, the CHE team has been mentoring students from a local primary school. Recently, some students from this school were invited by a local “spiritual leader” and self-proclaimed apostle to attend an evening prayer meeting. During the prayer time the man anointed several of the children to receive “a spirit,” which he claimed was the Holy Spirit. Throughout the following week, learning in the classroom was interrupted several times as some of these students collapsed and convulsed. Seven students were affected. This caused great confusion and fear among the school population. Knowing the CHE team to be true Christians, the teachers sought their help to correct the situation. The teachers explained to the team how this spirit would seize the children and throw them down. Immediately, the children would begin conversing with unknown people and creatures they believed to be angels. The CHE team listened, prayed with the children, and gave them spiritual counsel. With the team’s intervention, this situation has now been reversed and normalcy is being restored to the school. Spiritual warfare has not changed; using prayer to combat spiritual warfare is still modern.


Miracle at Home

Regional Coordinators Tirus & Winnie Githaka, East Africa

A miracle happened for Mary, a woman who lives in Africa, when a CHE team started visiting her household. Her husband was a chronic alcoholic and did not know Jesus Christ. He would not participate in the activities of the house or in praying. But things started to change as the CHE team taught lessons in their home about healthy living. Mary had learned these lessons at the CHE meetings, but now her husband was having a chance to hear them. And he has been totally transformed! He has stopped drinking and now even goes to church and prays with and for his family.


Sin Prevention—holding hands

Regional Coordinators Tirus & Winnie Githaka, East Africa

During the last East African CHE Internship, one of the interns taught the participants a new song which included enthusiastic clapping and praise. Then he instructed the group to hold hands while singing instead of clapping—as was traditionally done in one community in East Africa. This being a bit restrictive to raising hands, clapping, and praising, one intern asked why the community would choose to worship in this way. Apparently, in that community there are many thieves and pickpockets—even among Christians. Therefore, to ensure your neighbor does not steal from you during praise and worship, you need to hold his hand.

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