Summer 2017

Common Resources with Uncommon Results

Dr. Nzuzi Mukawa, Regional Coordinator
Denise Locker, Contributor

Ordinary, familiar, and everyday are a few words to describe something as “common.” If I were to ask you what daily experiences you consider as common, I’m sure you would include items like clean water, a safe place to sleep, maybe a roof over your head, and you would be correct. These are things we consider as common. But, as you know, in the developing world these items are not at all common…except where Community Health Evangelism (CHE) has taken hold.

The impact can be seen around the world where common things like clean water are benefitting people—but that’s just the beginning. People are asking Christ to be their Lord and Savior, churches are being planted, and individuals are experiencing uncommon results in their lives and communities.

Let me tell you about this effect in Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Fifty-four churches are working together there to establish a microenterprise that is changing the lives of over 260 young women.

What is microenterprise? The term microenterprise refers to small business ventures that are part of a family’s survival strategy. Microenterprise has manageable components:

  • Small capital ($30-$250)
  • Owner-operated
  • Little management or skills training
  • Serving small, local markets
  • Producing/distributing non-technical goods or services

In order to be involved with a CHE microenterprise group, each member must participate in an initial training of 22 to 27 hours. This training includes lessons in business principles, moral values/character, loan requirements, and use of money.

Specifically in Kinshasa, sewing machines were the common item used for the uncommon result. The sewing machines were distributed through the churches to young ladies who had been through the CHE microenterprise training.

What has been the resulting uncommon effect?

  • Hope, dignity, and self-worth is gained.
  • Families emerge from the cycle of poverty.
  • Women are empowered to feed their children and pay education fees so their children can attend school.

A common item, like a sewing machine, made a difference in Kinshasa. Thank you for your partnership with Medical Ambassadors International. Together we are having an uncommon effect!


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