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From the Editor

The opening page of MAI’s website states: Healing Lives…Transforming Communities. At Medical Ambassadors International we build relationships with the world’s most vulnerable people and together we work to heal communities both physically and spiritually. Togetherness is the focus of MAI culture.

Ecclesiastes 4:9 comes to mind. “A three-stranded rope isn’t easily snapped” (MSG). Imagine the three strands of a strong rope consisting of God, Medical Ambassadors, and you. We are in the work of Christ together and truly do need each other. The work can only be accomplished as a relationship between all of us. We are interconnected and dependent on each other. None of us can do this important work alone. By God’s grace and goodness He chooses to use us, these broken vessels—or in keeping with the metaphor, this rope of three strands.Read more

Good Health is Harmony

One of the goals of Community Health Evangelism (CHE) is to help people within communities identify and address issues which present obstacles to achieving good health. But what do we mean by “good health”? The first thought that often comes to mind is healthy bodies. And indeed, CHE addresses many of the issues that affect physical health such as hygiene, nutrition, and caring for those with common illnesses. But does a physically healthy body mean a person is in good health? Not necessarily.
One foundational CHE lesson tells the story of a woman who injures her leg while gathering firewood because she is distracted by anger at the way she is being treated by her family. With care her leg heals, but the bitterness remains. The question is asked, “Is this woman healthy?” After discussing what health looks like from a biblical perspective, we come to the conclusion that she is not healthy. Why?

Because in CHE, good health is defined as being in harmony with God, others, self, and the environment. If there is disharmony in any area, then good health is lacking. The next step is to discover ways to restore harmony and become healthy.
Does CHE really work in this way? During a Women’s Cycle of Life training in a restricted access country (where Christians are a small percentage of the population), several of the local Christian women took turns facilitating lessons. Gulru (not her real name), a leader among the local Christians, facilitated a lesson about relationships between mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law. Typically, in Gulru’s culture a woman lives with her husband in the home of her in-laws where the mother-in-law has authority over the daughter-in-law. The son’s wife is often treated as a servant and expected to do most of the housework, cooking, animal care, and other chores. Read more...

Jesus Supply in Water Supply

Constanca Beira Akiiki started praying in 1998 for the community where she lives. It is called “Water Supply,” a name it was given because it is where the government built a water tank to supply water to the town. She had been praying diligently for the community of Water Supply because it was so adversely affected by prostitution, gangs, drugs, and all kinds of wrong activities.

The Lord heard her prayers. In 2002 a training about Community Health Evangelism took place in a village nearby. The participants ended up coming to Water Supply to help the community identify and respond to its problems. Read more...

Presidents' Travel Journal: Africa

Recently, as outgoing President of Medical Ambassadors International, I took a trip to Africa with my wife, Madelle, and the incoming President, Dr. Ravi Jayakaran. It was a wonderful time of learning from one another and passing the baton into capable hands. During the trip we visited Uganda, Kenya, and other countries in East Africa. Here are a few journal entries from our trip. Read more...

Field Notes: Microenterprise Edition

Many small businesses have taken off after the Community Health Evangelism (CHE) microenterprise training. Ladies doing manicures started with little in the way of resources and not much to contribute to family needs. At the microenterprise training, six sisters in Christ were trained and have built a thriving business. They have new clients and their homes receive the financial blessing. Read more...

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