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the Editor

Denise Locker

These phrases are all encouragements taken from Ecclesiastes 4:9, 10, and 12 (The Message).
Earlier this year I had the opportunity to attend the International Wholistic Missions Conference (IWMC) in Phoenix, Arizona. This conference has at its heart a focus on Community Health Evangelism (CHE). The IWMC is produced by the Global CHE Network, the organization created by Terry Dalrymple and Stan Rowland, former Medical Ambassadors International (MAI) employees. The Global CHE Network arose from the dream of these two men to bring together multiple organizations doing CHE around the world.

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A Priceless Experience

Carla Davis, CHE Coordinator, Central Asia

God designed us to travel the roads of life together. We are the body of Christ with different gifts. He builds teams so they can learn from each other and together glorify him as they love and serve others.

I have the privilege of working in Central Asia, one of the most beautiful and least-known areas of the world. I encourage local ministries as they apply the Community Health Evangelism (CHE) strategy in their places. God has blessed and opened many doors through CHE. Individuals and communities are changing in their worldview. These communities are changing the course of their lives. We see God in action.

I have shared with friends over the years about this ministry. They have responded to God’s promptings by praying and supporting. Some friends have shared “I’d like to go with you sometime.” So when one of our partner ministries invited me to lead some CHE trainings called Salt and Light and Women’s Cycle of Life, I invited these friends to help. Eight women stepped forward to go. They prepared themselves by attending a CHE training and preparing lessons. They recruited prayer partners. Our meetings with each other were through conference calls, and we met for the first time together on the long journey to Central Asia.

God knitted us together from the beginning. It takes an open spirit to make friends with others. We faced some challenges.

One woman was harassed on the very first night and was shaken by this experience. Another team member came down with a virulent flu. We felt the challenges of travel and jet lag. Language was not easy as English is not prevalent.

The biggest impact to each member came as they heard stories from the women in Central Asia and prayed for God to intervene in very difficult situations.

One of the team members, Nancy, shared her experience.

“One woman I prayed with shared her experiences of beatings at the hands of a stepfather, the physical and mental abuse of a husband, the death of a 10-day-old child, the rejection of her own family after she left her husband to seek protection,

and the ridicule by her new neighbors because she is a believer. As she wept while telling her story, she kept asking God, ‘Why, why is this happening?’ I could only assure her that God has a great plan for her life, and although she may never know why all these things have happened to her, he would be able to use her experiences to glorify him.”

How I wished for more time with her and the other women to strengthen our relationships and their commitment to follow Jesus regardless of the cost. So many have given up so much already to follow him.

The trip gave me a renewed sense of how God is working in Central Asia. It helped me to pray more effectively for believers who are facing huge challenges.

This experience... priceless.


For the Women
of the World

Madelle Payne, MAI’s Vice President of Ministries

Several years ago I was handed the assignment of a lifetime. I was on my way to Ethiopia, where my husband and I had worked with local Community Health Evangelism (CHE) teams for four years.

My colleague requested, “While you’re there, would you find some of the women trained a couple of years ago in a new curriculum called Women’s Cycle of Life? Ask them if anything has changed in their lives.”

That sounded like a straightforward task. I’d heard stories of change before. So I was totally blown away by the extraordinary power of the stories that came from the nine women I was privileged to interview.

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The Next Great Frontier in Mission

Terry Dalrymple,Global CHE Network

“The next great frontier in mission is collaboration. Anything less is arrogance.” Geordon Rendle, President, Youth for Christ International
We are living in an exceptional time in history in which we have the ability to connect, communicate, and collaborate globally in ways that were impossible in the past. This opens doors to ministry that are unique to our generation—opportunities that did not exist in the past, but have been entrusted solely to us to steward for God’s glory.
For our purposes, we will define collaboration as “deliberately working together to accelerate the advance of the Gospel and to accomplish what no one of us could do alone.”
Benefits of Collaboration. Collaboration definitely takes energy and effort, time and resources. Before we wholeheartedly invest in collaborative efforts, we must be convinced that it will produce a better result. We must answer the question, “Can we do more through collaboration than we can do alone?”
Collaboration strengthens individual ministries and produces better outcomes through the sharing of information and ideas, avoiding duplication of effort, identifying best practices, learning from each other’s mistakes, and sharing staff and expertise.
We can achieve new things together by accelerating work in a geographical area when we coordinate, cooperate, and partner together. Collaboration strengthens the credibility of our witness through expressions of unity. It allows us to exert greater influence and mobilize others to join the cause by speaking with one voice. And it allows the achievement of important outcomes by fostering creativity, gaining perspective, and creating joint solutions.

Collaboration is not an end in itself, but a means to an end. In order for collaboration to have the intended result of strengthening our ministries and multiplying our impact, we must seek out relationship with those who share our core values and a commitment to our cause.


Building Collaboration. How do we go about building meaningful collaboration? We need to make ourselves visible and promote our vision, connecting with people who share our cause, exchanging ideas and sharing information with each other. By sharing with each other we will discover what we can do together that we cannot do alone. Out of this exchange of ideas, thoughts, and information, partnerships are created for joint action.

Medical Ambassadors International collaborates with others doing Community Health Evangelism (CHE) around the world as a member of the Global CHE Network. The Network’s interactive website provides opportunities for those who join to make their ministries visible, connect with people who share their vision and core values, exchange ideas and share information, discover what we can do together, and take joint action.

The site also allows members to build a profile online, promote their own ministries, build strategic partnerships, exchange ideas, explore opportunities, gather resources, and offer services to others. If you are doing CHE work, we invite you to visit this website and join the network: www.chenetwork.org.

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