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From the Editor

Yes, those are rolls of toilet paper you see in the photo. Are you wondering why they are there?

First, let me ask you a question. What do you think is the leading cause of death in low- and middle-income countries?
a) Malnutrition and undernutrition
b) Tuberculosis and malaria
c) HIV-related diseases
d) Pollution

If you guessed "d," you got it right. Exposures to polluted soil, water, and air killed seven million people in 2014. Read more...

The Ripple Effect

When God touches a life, the ripple effects often continue…on and on. Orfa Gomez is a young woman from the Guarani tribe (pronounced Gua-ra-knee) which spreads across Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina.
Orfa’s grandfather was one of the first Guarani who responded to God’s touch, as a result of a Canadian missionary. His four sons personally translated the Bible into their tribal language. Today there is a strong church among the Bolivian Guarani, and Orfa’s father is the elder statesman among them. Though many of his people are illiterate, they know and love Jesus Christ.

Orfa, as a young single woman in a male-dominated culture, didn’t think she had much chance of affecting any ripple effect of change. But she could see the poverty, illiteracy and disease of her people—despite their spiritual life. When she heard of Community Health Evangelism (CHE) with its emphasis on God’s concern for the whole person, she knew her people needed this. It wasn’t easy, for the CHE lessons had to be “translated” into oral, not written, form with the help of other CHE leaders in the region. But her message was accepted, against all odds, and in time CHE began to have an impact in her area of Bolivia.

With God’s own missionary heart, Orfa began to look across the border and pray for the Guarani people in Argentina where the spread of the Gospel has been much harder and slower. Might God use the CHE strategy to reach those people too?
With the support of the MAI Regional Coordinator, she began to make trips into Argentina and found a warm interest in ten villages. They were open to someone who spoke their language and was “one of them,” and curious about the possibility of better health and economic well-being that accompanied this message of a God who loved them. Read more...

An Ounce of Prevention

Dr. Ken Cooper of the Cooper Clinic in Dallas, Texas, founded his clinic in 1970 on the concept of preventative medicine. The focus of this clinic from the beginning has been on health assessment and counseling aimed not at curing sick people, but at helping well people stay well. Dr. Cooper has often said, “It is far easier to maintain good health than it is to restore good health after it is lost.”

That philosophy is at the heart of prevention. We live in a time of unprecedented information available on a worldwide basis that helps people understand the causes of preventable illness and the key steps to keeping those illnesses from damaging lives. One of the keys to better health on a global scale is the dissemination of that information and the providing of tools and preventive training. This is at the heart of Community Health Evangelism (CHE) and the mission of Medical Ambassadors International, along with a calling to also address spiritual illness by the sharing of the Gospel and the planting of churches. Read more...

Reasons NOT to Use Latrines

In much of the developing world, a simple change to using pit latrines for toilet purposes, rather than finding the privacy of the nearest bush, brings amazing results in better health.

Believe it or not, there are many good reasons that thinking people do not want to build or use latrines. Here are ten objections I have heard, perhaps in reverse order of importance. Each of these objections has a possible answer.

10. “Latrines are not the way we do things here.” Answer: “The village over the hill was not using latrines either; but now they are. Perhaps you should ask them how the change is working for them. Their children are remarkably healthy.” Community Health Evangelism has spread so far internationally that interested people in many places can look at what others are doing before they make up their minds. Read more...

Prayer at the Border

While traveling between countries in a creative access area to attend a conference in 2002, my wife and I and our co-worker Carla were required to pass through two guard posts. The first post was from the country we were leaving, and the second from the country we were entering. Our cab driver, who spoke only Russian, and I (Glen), who spoke only a smattering of Russian, did well with the guard at the first post. At the second post, I handed our three passports to the guard, who took them up the stairs into a guard shack. A couple minutes later he returned to say Carla’s passport was invalid. Read more...

Miracle at Home

A miracle happened for Mary, a woman who lives in Africa, when a CHE team started visiting her household. Her husband was a chronic alcoholic and did not know Jesus Christ. He would not participate in the activities of the house or in praying. But things started to change as the CHE team taught lessons in their home about healthy living. Mary had learned these lessons at the CHE meetings, but now her husband was having a chance to hear them. And he has been totally transformed! He has stopped drinking and now even goes to church and prays with and for his family. Read more...

Common Resources with Uncommon Results

Ordinary, familiar, and everyday are a few words to describe something as “common.” If I were to ask you what daily experiences you consider as common, I’m sure you would include items like clean water, a safe place to sleep, maybe a roof over your head, and you would be correct. These are things we consider as common. But, as you know, in the developing world these items are not at all common…except where Community Health Evangelism (CHE) has taken hold.

The impact can be seen around the world where common things like clean water are benefitting people—but that’s just the beginning. People are asking Christ to be their Lord and Savior, churches are being planted, and individuals are experiencing uncommon results in their lives and communities. Read more...

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